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I'm Chelsea!

I'm a full stack software engineer based in Bellingham, Washington with years of experience in JavaScript/Node.js, Typescript, Ruby, React, and PostgreSQL. Most recently, I built Test Lab, an open-source A/B test and feature flag platform.

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Test Lab is an open-source, self-hosted feature management and A/B testing platform. Test Lab facilitates data-driven design decisions, by allowing for experimentation with features and changes prior to rolling them out to an entire user base.

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When I'm not coding, you're likely to find me exploring the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest or doing long distance running! I've also got a passion for rescuing senior pets and spoiling them in their golden years!
(Featured here: my dog, Connor, and my cat Cordelia!)

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I am looking for my next opportunity. If you think I would be a good fit for your team, let's talk!

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